Armor All Leather Care Gel Review (Keep Your Leather Clean!)

Armor All Leather Care Gel Review

If you own a car or a leather couch, you know how easily the material can accumulate dirt and stains and how quickly it can lose its natural softness and luster.

Fortunately, with the Armor All Leather Care Gel, you can restore and maintain the quality of your leather upholstery with ease and efficiency.

This review will provide an in-depth overview of the Armor All Leather Care Gel, including its features, benefits, ingredients, and usage tips.

Features and Benefits:

The Armor All Leather Care Gel is a versatile leather care product for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting various leather surfaces.

Whether dealing with car seats, dashboards, consoles, or home furniture, the gel can help you enhance your leather items’ natural color and texture, making them look and feel as good as new.

One of the key advantages of the Armor All Leather Care Gel is its ability to penetrate deeply into the grain of the leather, removing dirt, grime, and other impurities that can cause discoloration, cracking, and premature aging.

Unlike many leather cleaners that only work on the material’s surface, the gel can reach the pores and crevices of your leather upholstery, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning.

Moreover, the Armor All Leather Care Gel contains a proprietary formula that cleans and conditions the leather, providing it with the essential oils and nutrients to stay supple and flexible.

With regular use, the gel can help prevent cracking, brittleness, and other signs of wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your leather products and saving you money on repairs and replacements.

The gel is also designed to protect your leather upholstery from spills, stains, and UV damage, which can negatively impact its appearance and durability.

By creating a barrier between the leather and the outside elements, the gel can slow the absorption of liquids and dirt, making it easier to clean and maintain your leather items in the long run.


The Armor All Leather Care Gel contains several non-hazardous chemicals and ingredients designed to clean and nourish leather surfaces.

Although the manufacturer doesn’t disclose the complete list of ingredients, the gel is known to contain a bactericide called 7-ethyl-bicyclo oxazolidine, which is commonly used in paints, emulsions, and oil fluids as a preservative and antimicrobial agent.

This ingredient and other proprietary components allow the gel to provide a powerful yet safe cleaning and conditioning effect on your leather upholstery.

Usage Tips

To get the best results from the Armor All Leather Care Gel, it’s recommended to follow these simple steps:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use to ensure an even consistency of the gel.
  2. Apply a small amount of the gel onto a clean, dry cloth or sponge.
  3. Rub the cloth or sponge gently onto the leather surface in circular motions, covering the entire area.
  4. Let the gel sit for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate the leather.
  5. Wipe off any excess gel with a clean, dry cloth.
  6. For extra protection, repeat the process every few weeks or as needed.

The gel is safe for all types of leather, including synthetic leather, and can be used for new and old leather upholstery.

Where It Works Best?

The Armor All Leather Care Gel works best for leather car seats, often with embedded dirt or stains that ruin the car’s interior appearance.

The gel removes these stains and keeps the leather seats clean and supple.

It can also be used for other leather surfaces in your car, such as dashboards, consoles, and paneling, to deep clean and condition for increased durability and protection.

How It Protects Your Leather Upholstery?

Leather is a natural material that can easily absorb moisture, spills, or dirt when in contact with its surface.

Failing to maintain your leather seats properly can make them look dated and ruin the appearance of your car’s interior.

The Armor All Leather Care Gel can clean grime, dirt, and fine dust particles from your leather upholstery by reaching into the grain.

Additionally, it conditions and restores your leather’s natural texture and looks by preventing premature aging, fading, discoloration, and cracking.

What It Protects Against?

Leather car seats are exposed to various elements such as harsh sunlight, humidity, moisture from rain or snow, pressure from the weight of passengers, accidental spills, and much more.

The Armor All Leather Care Gel protects against aging, spills, stains, cracking, fading, and discolouration.

Its conditioning element adds the needed oils to renourish your leather to prevent wrinkling, while its blocking feature protects against premature aging and retains your leather product’s original look.

The powerful blocking formula protects the leather against stains from drinks and food by making absorption much slower.

The conditioning elements in the gel restore your leather seats’ original colour and look and add a layer of gloss to them.


The Armor All Leather Care Gel is available in one size, an 18 fluid-ounce bottle.

According to the manufacturer, one bottle of the gel can be used for up to 20 applications, with one application equating to about one leather seat.

We could clean and condition 23 leather seats during our testing before emptying the bottle. With lighter applications, a bottle will last even longer than that.


Is Armor All Leather Care good for leather?

Armor All Leather Care is good for leather as it helps clean, condition, and protect the leather, preserving its natural beauty and preventing it from cracking and fading.

How do you use Armor All Leather Care?

To use Armor All Leather Care, shake the bottle well, apply a small amount onto a clean cloth, and gently rub the leather surface. Then, wipe away any excess with a dry cloth.

What is the best leather treatment for car seats?

The best leather treatment for car seats cleans, conditions, and protects the leather, such as Lexol Leather Conditioner or Leather Honey Leather Conditioner.

How long does Armor All last?

The duration of Armor All’s effectiveness depends on several factors, such as usage, weather conditions, and exposure to UV rays. However, it generally lasts for several weeks to a month.


In conclusion, based on the Armor All Leather Care Gel review, this product appears to be an effective solution for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting leather surfaces.

Its gel-based formula makes it easy to apply and spread evenly, leaving no residue or greasiness. 

Additionally, Armor All Leather Care Gel contains special ingredients that help prevent cracking, fading, and discoloration, which is crucial for maintaining the quality and appearance of leather over time.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable leather care product that can provide long-lasting results, Armor All Leather Care Gel is worth considering.

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