10 Delightful DIY Advent Calendar Ideas for Christmas This Year

There’s something truly special about crafting your own Advent calendar to make the countdown to Christmas even more memorable.

As the holiday season approaches, why not add a personal touch to your festive decorations? In this list, we’ll explore ten creative and delightful DIY Advent calendar ideas that will surely bring joy to your home this Christmas season.

From whimsical designs to practical yet stylish concepts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this collection of unique projects.

Paper Bag Calendar

A paper bag advent calendar is a charming and simple DIY project that adds a rustic touch to your Christmas decor.

You can easily personalize each bag with numbers, treats, or small gifts to make each day leading up to Christmas special.

Number Stickers

Assuming you don’t want to handwrite numbers on each paper bag, number stickers are an easy and stylish solution.

You can find a variety of styles and sizes at craft stores or online to suit your aesthetic.

Sweet Treats

Assuming you’re filling your advent calendar with sweet treats, consider small candies, chocolates, or special homemade cookies.

These little surprises will add an extra layer of excitement to each day leading up to Christmas.

Number stickers can help keep your advent calendar organized and visually appealing.

Make sure to choose stickers that are easy to read and complement the overall design of your paper bag calendar.

For sweet treats, be mindful of any allergies or dietary restrictions your family or guests may have.

Consider including a mix of indulgent treats and healthier options to cater to different preferences.

Magnetic Matchbox Display

Decorative Magnets

Some of the most adorable DIY Advent calendars involve creating a magnetic matchbox display.

To make this yourself, start by gathering small matchboxes and decorating them with festive wrapping paper and labels.

Attach tiny magnets to the back of each matchbox so they can stick to a magnetic surface like a cookie sheet or a metal board.

Miniature Gifts

There’s something special about creating miniature gifts to fill each matchbox in your advent calendar.

You can choose to fill them with tiny toys, candy, inspirational quotes, or even personalized messages for each day leading up to Christmas.

These small surprises add an extra touch of excitement and joy to the holiday season.

Now, you can get creative with the miniature gifts you include in each matchbox.

Consider adding small trinkets, homemade coupons, or even tiny ornaments that can be hung on a mini tree as part of the gift.

The possibilities are endless!

Matchbox Advent calendars are not only a fun and interactive way to count down to Christmas, but they also make for a charming display in your home.

Remember to keep the gifts small to fit inside the matchboxes, and enjoy the daily excitement of opening a new surprise each day!

Hanging Fabric Pockets

Sewn Pouches

Assuming you have some basic sewing skills, creating your own fabric pouches for an advent calendar can be a fun and rewarding project.

All you need is some festive fabric, a sewing machine, and a bit of creativity.

Sewn pouches add a charming touch to your advent calendar and can be customized in size and design to suit your preferences.

Festive Ribbons

With festive ribbons, you can add a decorative and colorful element to your DIY advent calendar.

Using a variety of ribbons in different colors and patterns, you can tie up the fabric pouches and hang them on a frame or branch.

The ribbons not only serve a practical purpose in keeping the surprises enclosed but also add a festive flair to your Christmas decor.

Pouches: To make your advent calendar even more exciting, consider adding small treats or messages inside the fabric pouches.

This will create an element of surprise and anticipation for each day leading up to Christmas.

Remember to mix in some healthier treats along with the sweets to balance out the indulgence.

Christmas Book Countdown

Wrapped Books

Many families enjoy the tradition of counting down to Christmas by unwrapping a special book each night leading up to the big day.

Assuming you have a collection of holiday-themed books or can gather some from the library, this DIY advent calendar idea is perfect for creating memorable moments with your loved ones.

Reading Nightly

Reading a new book every night adds to the excitement and anticipation of Christmas.

Make it even more special by selecting a cozy spot in your home, like by the fireplace or under twinkling lights, to gather and read together as a family.

This nightly ritual will create lasting memories and foster a love for reading.

Wrapped books can be a mix of old favorites and new discoveries, making each night a delightful surprise.

Encourage children to take turns unwrapping the books and guessing what the story might be about based on the cover.

This activity promotes family bonding and creates a sense of togetherness during the holiday season.

Wooden Tree Calendar

Painted Drawers

Unlike traditional advent calendars, the Wooden Tree Calendar offers a unique twist with beautifully crafted wooden drawers in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Each drawer is perfect for storing tiny surprises or treats for each day leading up to Christmas.

The anticipation of opening a different drawer each day adds an element of excitement to the holiday season.

Small Ornaments

Wooden ornaments are the perfect size to fit inside the drawers of the Wooden Tree Calendar.

These adorable decorations can be hand-painted or purchased to add a personalized touch to your advent calendar.

Hanging them on your tree or using them to decorate around the house will create a cohesive and festive look for the holiday season.

Little details like these small ornaments can enhance the overall design of your calendar and make each day of December feel special.

They can be passed down from generation to generation, creating cherished memories and traditions for years to come.

Festive Envelope Wall

Numbered Envelopes

Now, let’s explore the first delightful DIY Advent calendar idea – the Festive Envelope Wall.

Create an eye-catching display using a string or wire on a wall or door. Attach colorful envelopes to the string and prepare them to unveil daily surprises.

Daily Surprises

Envelopes: Start by numbering the envelopes from 1 to 24. Get creative with their designs – think glitter, stickers, or holiday-themed prints to make them pop.

Festive: For instance, fill each envelope with a small treat, a kind note, or a fun activity for the day.

The element of surprise is what makes this Advent calendar so exciting for both kids and adults alike.

Make sure to mix up the surprises to keep things engaging and enjoyable throughout the countdown to Christmas!

Reusable Burlap Sacks

To add a rustic and charming touch to your DIY advent calendar this Christmas, consider using reusable burlap sacks.

These eco-friendly sacks not only look great but can also be used year after year, making them a sustainable choice for your holiday decor.

You can easily customize these sacks with different designs and decorations to fit your theme.

Stenciled Numbers

You’ll love the personal touch that stenciled numbers add to each burlap sack in your advent calendar.

With just a stencil and some fabric paint, you can create beautifully stenciled numbers that are both festive and functional.

Get creative with different fonts and colors to make each sack unique and special.

Candy Fillers

The candy fillers are a must-have for any advent calendar, and they add a sweet surprise to each day leading up to Christmas.

From chocolates to festive candies, the options are endless when it comes to filling your burlap sacks with delicious treats.

Make sure to choose a variety of candies to keep things exciting for both kids and adults.

Stenciled numbers and candy fillers are important elements that will make your DIY advent calendar stand out this holiday season.

Have fun getting crafty with burlap sacks and creating a memorable Christmas countdown for your loved ones to enjoy!

Decorated Tin Cans

Greenery Toppers

Not sure what to do with all those empty tin cans lying around the house? Turn them into charming advent calendars! For a simple yet stunning touch, consider adding greenery toppers to your tin cans.

A sprig of pine, holly, or eucalyptus can instantly elevate the look of your calendar and bring a dose of festive cheer into your space.

Little Goodies

While greenery toppers add a lovely touch to your advent calendar, don’t forget about the fun part – filling it with little goodies! Mini chocolates, candy canes, small trinkets, or even heartfelt notes can all make fantastic surprises for each day leading up to Christmas.

Get creative and personalize the treats to make each day special for your loved ones.

You can also include DIY coupons for activities or experiences, small ornaments for the Christmas tree, or even small gift cards for a special touch.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to filling your advent calendar with joy and excitement.

Personalized Photo Calendar

Family Images

Despite the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, taking the time to create a personalized photo calendar can be a wonderful way to cherish special memories with your loved ones.

An advent calendar filled with family images can bring a smile to your face every day as you countdown to Christmas.

Include snapshots of vacations, birthdays, or even simple moments spent together to make each day extra special.

Heartfelt Messages

Images hold a special place in our hearts, but pairing them with heartfelt messages can truly make a personalized photo calendar a treasure to behold.

It’s an opportunity to express love, gratitude, and affection for those you hold dear.

Whether it’s a funny anecdote, a sweet memory, or a heartfelt wish for the future, adding personal messages alongside the images can evoke a range of emotions throughout the holiday season.

It’s important to choose images and messages that resonate with the recipient, making them feel loved and appreciated during the festive period.

To wrap up

As a reminder, creating a DIY advent calendar adds a personalized touch to your Christmas festivities and can be a fun project for the whole family.

From simple paper bags to reusing old muffin tins, there are endless creative ways to count down the days until Christmas.

Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a more decorative approach, these 10 delightful DIY advent calendar ideas offer something for everyone.

So gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and get ready to enjoy the excitement of the holiday season with a touch of homemade charm.

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