21 Awesome Ikea Malm Hacks that will Make your Day

Hacks are a fantastic way to personalize your furniture and add a unique touch to your living space.

With respect to the popular Ikea Malm series, the possibilities are endless! In this blog post, we’ve curated 21 awesome Malm hacks that will inspire you to transform your Malm furniture into something truly special.

From clever storage solutions to stylish upgrades, these hacks will make your day and give your home a fresh new look!

Creative Makeovers for Your Malm Dresser

Adding a Pop of Color

One way to give your Ikea Malm dresser a fresh new look is by adding a pop of color.

Whether you paint the entire dresser a bold shade or just the drawer fronts, a splash of color can instantly transform the piece and add personality to your space.

Consider using high-quality paint for a smooth finish and don’t forget to properly prep the surface for the best results.

Chic Knob Swaps and Upgrades

Chic knobs can make a big impact on the overall look of your Malm dresser.

Consider swapping out the standard knobs for something more stylish and modern.

Choose from a variety of designs, finishes, and materials to suit your personal taste and give your dresser a custom look.

Don’t forget to make sure the new knobs fit the existing holes or be prepared to drill new ones for a perfect fit.

Swaps: Upgrading the knobs on your Malm dresser is an easy and budget-friendly way to elevate its look.

Choose knobs that complement your decor style and watch your dresser transform from plain to chic in minutes.

Bedroom Bliss: Upgrading Your Malm Bed

Headboard Hacks: Style and Storage

You’ve upgraded your Malm bed, but why stop there? The headboard offers fantastic opportunities for both adding style and increasing storage in your bedroom.

Whether you opt for a sleek, minimalist design or a more functional approach, there are plenty of hacks to make your Malm headboard stand out.

Under-bed Storage Solutions

The under-bed space is a goldmine waiting to be tapped into for extra storage solutions.

For those looking to maximize space in a small bedroom, utilizing the area beneath your Malm bed is a game-changer.

From using storage bins and rolling drawers to building custom shelving units, the options are endless.

For additional under-bed storage solutions, consider investing in bed risers to elevate your Malm bed higher off the ground.

This creates even more space underneath for storing clothes, shoes, or extra bedding. Don’t let that valuable space go to waste!

Bliss: Transforming your Malm bed with these under-bed storage solutions not only maximizes your space but also enhances the overall functionality of your bedroom.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized and peaceful sleeping environment.

Workspace Wonders with Malm Desks

Custom Desk Organizers

Despite the sleek and simple design of Ikea’s Malm desks, there are endless possibilities to customize them to suit your workspace needs.

With a little creativity and some simple hacks, you can turn your Malm desk into a personalized and organized workspace wonder.

DIY Desk Extensions for More Space

On a quest for more workspace? Look no further than DIY desk extensions for your Malm desk.

By adding a simple wooden plank or shelf, you can easily create extra space for your imperatives without sacrificing style.

Understanding the importance of maximizing workspace in small areas, DIY Desk Extensions can be a game-changer.

These extensions allow for more surface area to work on, store items, and display decor.

They are convenient, especially for those who need to multitask or spread out their work materials.

However, it is imperative to ensure the extensions are securely attached to the desk to avoid any accidents or damage.

Unique Touches and Finishing Ideas

Malm Mirror Magic

Once again, the versatile Ikea Malm dresser proves its worth with some exciting mirror magic.

With a few simple adjustments, you can transform your Malm dresser into a chic vanity or a stylish entryway piece.

Add a mirror above the dresser, or opt for stick-on mirror tiles directly on the dresser surface for a modern touch.

Incorporating Patterns and Textures

Finishing off your Ikea Malm dresser with unique patterns and textures can elevate its look to a whole new level.

Incorporating bold patterns or textured wallpaper on the drawer fronts can create a stunning visual impact.

Consider using contact paper, fabric, or even stencils for a customized finish that will make your Malm dresser a focal point in any room.

Incorporating different textures and patterns can give your Malm dresser a one-of-a-kind look that reflects your personal style.

Experiment with geometric designs, floral patterns, or even a metallic finish for a touch of glamour.

Keep in mind, the key is to have fun and let your creativity shine through!


Ultimately, these 21 awesome Ikea Malm hacks are sure to inspire you to get creative and transform your furniture into unique pieces that will make your day.

From adding extra storage to creating a stylish new look, these hacks show just how versatile the Malm series can be.

So, grab your tools and let your imagination run wild with these amazing ideas!

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