8 Amazing Decals for Kids Ikea Furniture

Overhaul your kids’ Ikea furniture with these 8 amazing decals that will bring a whole new level of fun and creativity to their space.

From adorable animal designs to cool geometric patterns, there’s something for every style and personality.

These decals are easy to apply and remove, making them perfect for updating a room without the commitment of paint.

Let’s take a look at some of the top picks for adding a touch of magic to your child’s furniture!

Vibrant Themes and Characters

Enchanted Princess Decals

Ah, the magic of childhood! Themes of enchantment and wonder come to life with our Enchanted Princess Decals.

Let your little one’s imagination soar as they adorn their Ikea furniture with beautiful princesses, castles, and unicorns.

These decals are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any bedroom or playroom.

Superhero Action Stickers

Ready to save the day? Our Superhero Action Stickers bring the thrill of adventure right into your child’s bedroom.

Colorful comic book heroes and dynamic action scenes will have your little hero feeling like they are part of the action.

These decals are perfect for sparking imaginative play and inspiring bravery in your child.

In the matter of the Superhero Action Stickers, kids can mix and match their favorite characters to create their own epic battles or team-ups.

Let their creativity shine as they design their very own superhero headquarters right on their Ikea furniture!

Educational Decals

Alphabet and Numbers Fun

You know that learning can be fun, and with our Alphabet and Numbers Fun decals, your child can effortlessly learn while playing.

These colorful decals featuring letters and numbers will make education exciting and engaging.

Stick them on the furniture in your child’s room for an interactive learning experience every day!

World Map Adventures

On the other hand, with our World Map Adventures decals, your child can explore the world without leaving their room.

These decals showcase important landmarks, exciting animals, and interesting facts about different countries.

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they discover new places and cultures right from the comfort of their own space.

World Map Adventures decals not only make the room look stylish, but they also encourage curiosity and long-lasting interest in geography.

Your child will love studying the map and dreaming about their next big adventure!

Personalized Decals

Custom Name Creations

Unlike generic decals, custom name creations add a special touch to your child’s Ikea furniture.

Personalize your little one’s space with their name displayed proudly on their dresser, bed, or toy chest.

Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes to match your child’s personality and style.

Special Interests and Hobbies

One way to make your child’s Ikea furniture truly unique is by adding decals that showcase their special interests and hobbies.

Whether they love dinosaurs, unicorns, sports, or music, there are decals available to reflect their passions.

Transform a plain bookshelf into a magical unicorn wonderland or an ordinary desk into a sports lover’s dream.

Hobbies are an integral part of a child’s development, and incorporating their interests into their furniture can ignite their creativity and imagination.

Easy Application and Durability

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Your Decals

All decals come with easy-to-follow instructions for hassle-free application. Here is a simple guide to help you apply your decals smoothly:

Step 1:Clean the surface of the furniture where you plan to place the decal.
Step 2:Peel off the backing paper of the decal, ensuring the design sticks to the transfer tape.
Step 3:Position the decal on the furniture and press down firmly.
Step 4:Gently peel off the transfer tape, leaving the decal on the surface. Smooth out any air bubbles.

Tips for Long-Lasting Decor

To ensure long-lasting and durable decals, follow these simple tips:

  • Cleanliness is Key: Keep the surface clean before applying the decal for better adhesion.
  • Avoid Direct Heat: Do not place furniture with decals near direct heat sources to prevent damage.
  • Gentle Cleaning: Use mild cleaners when wiping the furniture with decals to prevent peeling.

Recognizing these simple tips can help maintain the quality and longevity of your decals, keeping them looking fantastic for years to come!


With this in mind, adding decals to your kids’ Ikea furniture can transform plain pieces into whimsical and personalized creations.

These decals are not only easy to apply and remove, but they also come in a variety of designs to suit any child’s interests and preferences.

From cute animals to space themes, the options are endless. Let your child’s imagination run wild with these 8 amazing decals and watch their furniture come to life!

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