Top 13 Best Bidet Converter Kits (Tried & Tested!)

Best Bidet Converter Kits

Best Bidet Converter Kits are a great way to upgrade your existing bathroom setup. With a variety of options available, you can easily find the perfect bidet converter kit to fit your individual needs.

From handheld nozzles to wall-mounted units, bidet converters are the perfect solution to make your bathroom more hygienic and comfortable.

There are many benefits to installing a bidet converter kit, including improved hygiene, more efficient water usage, and improved comfort.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find the best bidet converter kit for your needs. Fortunately, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to choose the best bidet converter kit on the market.

Our picks for the best bidet converters are based on our test results, as well as popular sellers and user feedback. That said, these are the best bidet converter kits you can buy right now:

Here are the Top 13 Best Bidet Converter Kits:

1. LUXE Bidet NEO 185: Best Bidet Converter Kits

The Luxe Bidet NEO 185 is an outstanding, stand-alone bidet toilet seat attachment. It’s very easy to use, and it comes with everything you need, from spare parts to installation instructions.

The dual nozzles are perfect for cleaning yourself, and the soft closing lid is fantastic. This bidet seat is perfectly designed for regular use in the home. It’s also affordable, and you can get it for a great price.

The customer service is also great, they are always available to help you with any questions you might have.

All in all, the Luxe Bidet NEO 185 is an excellent and affordable bidet seat that you can use for regular bathing and cleaning needs. Apart from its competitors, this is probably the best bidet seat you can get! 

Key Points:

Easy to use and install
Dual nozzles
Soft Closing Lid
Excellent Customer Service


  • LUXE Bidet NEO 185 offers adjustable water pressure
  • Can be used both at home and travel
  • LUXE Bidet NEO 185 is easy to install


  • Not ideal for camping or travel

2. Bidet Attachment: Best bidet conversion kit

The SAMODRA Bidet is an excellent option for anyone looking for an active addition to their bathroom, but doesn’t need an extra electrical hookup.

It has a fine adjustable nozzle system that carefully covers most of the user’s needs, including two different water pressures.

The water pressure and nozzle surfaces aren’t adjustable, but the unit does include a flushing button, so the bidet doesn’t produce any loud noises.

The unit is very easy to install, but you’ll need to remove the toilet seat for best results. The SAMODRA Bidet is available in a variety of colors and sizes, so it can easily fit in any bathroom.

It is also very affordable, making it one of the more cost-effective active bidet options on the market. Apart from its competitors, the SAMODRA Bidet is a great choice for anyone looking to add a bit of luxury and convenience to their bathroom.

It is designed to make your bathroom experience more comfortable and enjoyable. It performs well, is affordable, and is convenient to install.


  • Easy to install, flexible installation options
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Easy to install, flexible installation options
  • Affordable


  • No cleaning guide

3. LUXE Bidet NEO 120: Toilet bidet conversion kit

The Luxe Bidet NEO 120 is a top-of-the-line bidet attachment, and it will give you the ultimate bathroom experience.

Its large, soft, warm-water spray is gentle on the skin, and it comes with a cleaning nozzle so you can easily clean it yourself.

For this price range, the Luxe Bidet NEO 120 has more features than any other attachment we tested: A heated seat, warm air dryer, and automatic nightlight.

The flushing button is conveniently located on the seat, so you don’t need to get up. It comes with everything you need to install the attachment onto your toilet.

The Luxe Bidet NEO’s recommended water pressure is 1.2 to 1.5 bars, but ours adjusted well.

Our only complaint is that because the Luxe’s nozzle guard gate automatically retracts after each use, you can’t clean it directly, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

Apart from its competitors the Luxe Bidet NEO 120 is simply the best bidet attachment money can buy.


  • Affordable
  • Designed for comfort


  • Water temperature adjustment

4. Clear Rear Bidet Attachment for Toilet: Bidet conversion kit

The Buttler toilet bidet attachment is an effective product, featuring dual nozzles and an effective elbow cleaning function.

The nozzles are easily adjustable from a gentle mist to a strong jet stream, and theres enough pressure to do a good job without getting uncomfortably wet or smelly.

Installation was fast and easy, and setup took about 15 minutes. The self-clean function means that you dont have to keep the nozzles clean yourself, and when youre not using the bidet, its simple to close the protective panels.

The toilet attachment also has a generous 8-foot cord, so its well within reach, even if you sit at the rear of the toilet.

The Buttler comes with a nice, colorful travel bag, so if you’re traveling, you can easily slip the attachment into a suitcase or duffel bag.

Apart from its competitors the Buttler toilet bidet attachment is also cost effective, since it has only a fraction of the price of a standalone bidet. It has also small and discreet.


  • Fresh water bidet toilet seat attachment
  • No electric bidet attachment required
  • Simple installation
  • Affordable


  • No warm water option
  • No heated seat option

5. BUTT BUDDY Spa: Bidet conversion kit

The BUTT BUDDY Spa is a straightforward, well-designed device that can put a new twist on an old, mundane task. It’s easy to install (it’s a two-piece unit that attaches easily to your toilet tank).

The hot water bidet wash and warm water spray work just fine. Though we would have liked a little more water pressure, those functions are available, and the water temperature is adjustable.

On the down side, the flush isn’t very powerful, and the battery-powered pump takes too long to kick in. And there’s an annoying “splashing” sound when the bidet is activated.

It won’t take long for a buyer to develop a tolerance for that sound, though, and it’s easy enough to stop. The BUTT BUDDY Spa is priced affordably and affordably performs.

It’s also a good choice if you care little about aesthetics, since most buyers simply want to shave a few minutes off a trip to the bathroom.

Apart from its competitors that have fewer features, more noise, and higher prices, the BUTT BUDDY Spa offers the best value for money.


  • Bidet that replaces toilet seat
  • Warm & cold water
  • Non-electric option


  • No battery option
  • Needs refill

6. Greenco Bidet Attachment for Toilet Water Sprayer for Toilet Seat:

The Greenco is a convenient add-on product that lets you easily attach your favorite bidet sprayer to your existing toilet bowl.

It’s easy to install, and most users report a few minor issues, such as excess spray, leaking, and noisy operation, but overall, these minor issues are easy to fix with a bit of trial and error.

The bidet itself offers a comfortable spray, and it’s a simple, cost-effective way to enjoy improved personal hygiene.

Apart from its competitors the Greenco bidet sprayer offers an adjustable spray and exact control of the stream.

It has a long, flexible hose that makes it easy to reach difficult spots and comes with a wall mount that makes it easier to hang.

The Greenco bidet also features a low-water consumption mode and a full spray mode with a trigger lock for continuous spray.

In addition, its low-noise operation makes it perfect for a quiet bathroom experience.


  • Easy installation & operation
  • Uses water pressure to provide cleaner, healthier toilet experience
  • Comes with adjustable water jet spray


  • Not designed for all toilet seats
  • No heated seat

7. SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet:

The SAMODRA Ultra-slim bidet is well-designed and offers two basic operation modes. The bidet is highly portable, and it only weighs 2.6 pounds.

The water pressure is adjustable, and you can choose from among three pressure settings (low, medium, or high). The two nozzles are efficient and clean. The controls are simple and intuitive.

The only missing feature is a remote control. The water pressure is not as high as most bidets we tested, but that’s OK for occasional use.

It’s also possible to upgrade the water pressure by purchasing a higher-priced model. The included braided hose is a nice touch, and the price of the SAMODRA bidet is comparable with other top models.

Apart from its competitors it is also environmentally friendly, as it uses less water and electricity. You can also choose from three temperature settings, making it suitable for use in all climates.

All in all, the SAMODRA Ultra-slim bidet is a great choice for occasional use, and it offers many features for the price.


  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Two nozzles
  • Fresh water bidet attachment
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable


  • No remote control
  • No wifi connection

8. LUXE Bidet NEO 320:

The Luxe Bidet NEO 320 bidet is exceedingly well designed, with an intuitive, clean-looking control panel, a wide nozzle, and excellent water pressure.

The water temperature can go from warm to hot or from cold to lukewarm, and the fan is quiet.

The nozzle rotates around for ease of use. Dual nozzles include a wide one (for cleaning) and a narrow one (for intimate use). The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 bidet comes with an installation CD for connecting to your toilet.

It also comes with two nozzles, replacement hoses, and a cleaning brush. The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 bidet comes with a 1-year warranty and customer support.

Apart from its competitors the NEO 320 does not require electricity to operate, making it an eco-friendly choice.

The NEO 320 also has an easy and mess-free installation process which can be completed with a few basic tools.

In My own experience I found the nozzle to be wide and of good quality, and the water pressure to be just right. The adjustable water temperature is also a great feature.


  • Self cleaning dual nozzle
  • Hot and cold water
  • Non electric attachment
  • Compatible with toilets from 40 to 70 cm in diameter
  • Saves water
  • Cleaning more convenient


  • Slightly expensive

9. LUXE Bidet NEO 110:

The LUXE Bidet NEO 110 is the leading two-piece bidet attachment on Amazon. It uses an eco-friendly water-saving technology that doesn’t require electricity.

It has a longer hose than other bidet attachments, and it has a roomy, well-designed shower head. The angled nozzle is gentle on the skin, and it’s easy to clean; the nozzle is self-cleansing, as is the rest of the device.

For this price, it’s an excellent value. In my own experience using the NEO 110, I found that it was easy to install, and it provides a clean and refreshing experience.

Of all the bidet attachments I’ve tried, this one is by far the most enjoyable.

Apart from its competitors the NEO 110 offers an easy to use, non-electric and eco-friendly solution.

Its long hose and gentle shower head provide an incredibly pleasant experience, and the quality of the product is well worth the price. Highly recommended.


  • Clean, convenient, and hygienic
  • 110 GPD water flow and 700ml tank capacity
  • 3-spray nozzle with adjustable water pressure


  • Requires installation, which is messy and tedious
  • No bidet seat included

10. Brondell Swash Ecoseat Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat:

The Brondell Swash Ecoseat 102 Bidet is a relatively good-value upgrade from the basic bidet toilet seats.

It moves closer to fully automatic operation, with dual temperature settings, dual nozzle washing, an easily installed lid, and a rear air drying feature.

It is also self-installable, with just a screwdriver (and two Philips-head screws).

The warm-water feature works as promised, but the cold-water function does not always deliver a steady flow of water, especially when using the seat as an air dryer.

This model is also relatively noisy, and the locking mechanism feels flimsy, making it vulnerable to being opened accidentally.

That said, the Ecoseat 102 Bidet is still better value than the high-end Swash 200 and 240 models.

Apart from its competitors in the market, the Brondell Swash Ecoseat 102 Bidet is an excellent bidet toilet seat option for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable upgrade from the basic bidet toilet seats.

It is easy to install, has dual temperature settings, dual nozzle washing, and an air dryer feature.

It is also relatively quiet and features a locking mechanism that helps prevent accidental opening. However, the cold-water function could be improved and the locking mechanism feels flimsy.


  • Reasonable price
  • Sleek design
  • Easy installation
  • Value for money


  • No heated seat

11. Brondell Bidet Left Hand Bidet Attachment SouthSpa Dual Nozzle:

Brondell makes a line of products including sprayheads and bidet toilet seats, and the Bidet Left Hand Bidet Attachment SouthSpa Dual Nozzle – control panel on left side – Dual Positionable Nozzles for front and rear wash, LH-12 is their only bidet attachment for left-handers.

It’s great if you’re looking for something simple but has positionable nozzles on the front and rear, adjustable water pressure, and a quick-connect hose.

It also comes with a built-in t-valve and a metal braided hose, plus all the usual certifications and warranty.

It does require a professional plumber to install, and the price gets you a single nozzle instead of a dual nozzle. Overall, it’s a decent option if you want a bidet attachment without sacrificing convenience.

Apart from its competitors it has an adjustable water pressure, quick-connect hose, and is certified and warrantied, so it’s definitely a great choice.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Compact design
  • Comfortable
  • Economical
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for larger people
  • Not suitable for taller people

12. Brondell Swash Ecoseat Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat, Fits Elongated Toilets:

When it comes to bidets, you don’t really want one that requires electricity, and you also don’t want to pay for one. So, this Brondell bidet, with its dual temperature and dual nozzle design, is the perfect solution.

It’s affordable, easy to install, and doesn’t require the hot water supply from your faucet.

The nozzle heads are well-designed and offer both front and back washes, and the seat is remarkably comfortable. That doesn’t make it perfect, though.

We had problems with its closed, sittable lid falling off the toilet a couple of times, and installation is a bit of a pain. Also, since it’s an elongated model, it can’t fit on all toilets.

Apart from its competitors in the same price range, it’s definitely a top choice for anyone looking for an affordable and efficient bidet. 

In my own experience I find Brondell’s bidet to be an excellent choice for a quality toilet seat bidet.

The dual temperature and dual nozzle design are both well designed and effective, the seat is comfortable, and the installation is fairly straightforward. 


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy installation
  • Water saving
  • Good price


  • Not suitable for larger frames

13. Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet:

Purrfectzone’s toilet bidet attachment kit is a good option for people who want more control and comfort in the bathroom.

The kit includes two built-in nozzles: one to reach your anus, and another to reach the front of the bowl.

An adjustable hand sprayer connects directly to the toilet, and you can use either of the two nozzles for whichever option you prefer at any given time.

Installation was easy and straightforward, and the hose is braided stainless steel, so it should last a long time.

The included cups with nozzle attachments are adjustable for water pressure, and the nozzles themselves are great at controlling the flow of air.

It’s simple to adjust the pressure settings, so novices should be able to make adjustments without a problem.

Benefit: The kit comes with everything you need for installation. The hose and braided stainless steel nozzle are durable and should last for years. The nozzle attachments are adjustable, so beginners should be able to find the right pressure level.

Disadvantage: None of the parts are particularly fancy. The spray cups are plastic, and the nozzle attachments are made of plastic and rubber.

The water pressure is adjusted with a lever on the hose, so it might take a little time to get used to this new method of operation.

The nozzle attachments also don’t produce much in-water noise, which may be fine for people who like a quiet bathroom.

Apart from its competitors, Purrfectzones toilet bidet attachment kit offers great features and reliability. The stainless steel hose and strong nozzle attachments provide durability and great performance.

The adjustable pressure settings make it suitable for both beginners and experienced users. The kit includes all the necessary parts for installation, and it’s very simple to set up.

The nozzles provide an adjustable flow of air, and the plastic cups make sure that the water pressure is exactly at the level you desire. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Great value
  • Quality of material
  • Efficient Hygiene


  • Slow Leak Beware
  • Poor design

How To Choose the Best Bidet Converter Kits?

Bidet converter kits have gained immense popularity and come with various benefits, including hygiene, eco-friendliness, comfort, and health.

The toilet paper shortage during the pandemic has emphasized its importance, and many people have realized its numerous advantages.

With so many bidet converter kits available in the market, it might be challenging to choose the best one for you.

However, understanding the key aspects can make it easier for you to make an informed decision.

Consider features such as ease of installation, water pressure control, nozzle direction adjustment, materials, durability, and compatibility with your existing toilet.

Paying attention to these details ensures that you get the most efficient, long-lasting, and comfortable bidet converter kit that meets your needs.

It is essential to invest in a high-quality bidet converter kit, as it not only adds value to your bathroom but also enhances your overall well-being, thus making your life worth living.

Can I convert my toilet to a bidet?

The question of whether you can convert your toilet to a bidet is one that many people have. The answer is yes, you can convert your toilet to a bidet with the help of a bidet converter kit.

These kits come with all the necessary parts to convert your toilet into a bidet and are the best way to make the transition.

The best bidet converter kits come with everything you need to make the switch, including an easy-to-follow instruction manual and all the necessary hardware.

The components of the kits are designed to fit most standard toilets and are easy to install.

The kits also come with a variety of features and options so you can customize your bidet to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a basic bidet, a modern design, or even a heated seat, you’ll find the perfect kit for your toilet.

Once you’ve installed the bidet converter kit, you can start enjoying the benefits of having a bidet in your home. Bidet use has been linked to increased hygiene, improved comfort, and reduced water usage.

Many people also find that having a bidet in their bathroom provides a more luxurious experience than traditional toilets.

So, if you’re looking for a way to bring the modern convenience of a bidet to your home, the best bidet converter kits are a great option.

Why do Westerners not use bidets?

For thousands of years, Westerners have relied on toilets and bidets to clean their bottoms. The bidet is thought to have originated in the Middle East. The first Western bathrooms featured faucets and seats, but no bidets.

The first bidets arrived in Italy in the 1726. They gained popularity in the 17th century and were widely used in private homes, public baths, and hotels across Europe.

However, no one really used them until the 1980s. Most of the bidets in European hotels had disappeared, and few people used them at home. European toilets required users to clean themselves thoroughly to avoid embarrassing bathroom situations.

In 1989, bidet manufacturer Sloan launched the bidet in the United States. By the 1990s, bidets were becoming commonplace in homes. Since then, bidets have gained wider acceptance in Europe, North America, Australia, and other countries.

Are you still wet after using a bidet?

Are you still wet after using a bidet? If so, you need the best bidet converter kits available in the market today! Bidet converter kits are essential for keeping yourself clean and hygienic.

Not only will they reduce the amount of water used when cleaning yourself after using a bidet, but they can also provide a more comfortable and efficient experience.

When looking for the best bidet converter kits, it is important to consider the features offered by each kit.

For example, some kits may come with adjustable water pressure settings and adjustable water temperature settings.

This allows you to customize your experience and find the perfect water pressure and temperature for your needs.

Additionally, some kits may come with additional attachments such as a handheld shower head, which can be used to provide a more thorough cleanse.

Finally, it is important to consider the installation process when purchasing a bidet converter kit.

Many kits come with detailed instructions and videos to help you install the device yourself.

However, for more complicated installations, it is recommended to hire a professional to ensure that the job is done correctly.

With the right bidet converter kit, you can ensure a comfortable, clean, and hygienic experience every time you use a bidet.

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