How To Restore A Faded Leather Bag? (4 Simple Steps!)

If you own a leather bag, you know how it can quickly become an essential part of your daily life.

However, leather can lose its original shine and colour over time, leaving your beloved bag dull and faded. 

Luckily, restoring a soft leather bag is a simple process that can be done at home with just a few materials.

This guide will show you how to restore a soft leather bag and return it to its original glory. 

Whether you have a vintage leather bag that needs some TLC or a new one that has lost its lustre, these tips will help you give it the care it deserves.

Clean the bag with a leather cleaner, apply leather conditioner, and use a leather dye or pigment to restore its colour.

Can you Restore A Faded Leather Bag?

You can restore a soft leather bag by cleaning, conditioning, and adding colour with a dye or pigment.

Prepare Your Bag

  • Clean the entire surface of your faded leather bag with a high-quality leather cleaner designed for your specific type of leather.
  • Apply a small amount of leather conditioner in an even layer to the bag, massaging it into the leather.
  • Remove any excess leather conditioner once the bag has been completely treated.
  • This step will help to moisturize and soften the leather, making it more receptive to the restoration process.

Choosing a Polish:

  • Match a high-quality leather polish to the desired colour of your bag.
  • If you can’t find the perfect match, choose one slightly darker than the original, as it will cover better.
  • Test a small amount in an inconspicuous area of the bag.
  • Some companies can colour-match the polish to your bag, sometimes mixing the correct colour from a near base.

Applying Polish:

  • Put on protective gloves to avoid staining or damaging your skin.
  • Using a clean cotton rag, apply the polish to the soft leather, which may require more than one application.
  • Allow the polish to soak in for around 20 minutes after each complete application.

Buffing the Bag:

  • Finally, use a clean rag to remove the excess polish and shine up the bag.
  • Do not reuse rags for more than one application – new each time is best.
  • Make sure to buff away all excesses to avoid them getting on other items and furniture.
  • Evaluate the result and decide if you need to apply another colored polish.

Alternative Methods To Restoring A Faded Leather Bag

If you’re looking for alternative methods to restoring a soft leather bag, here are a few options to consider:

  1. Dyeing: You can try dyeing your faded leather bag to restore its colour. However, this method requires some skill and experience, and it’s important to use a high-quality leather dye and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid damaging the leather.
  2. Painting: Another option is to paint your faded leather bag with leather or acrylic paint. This can be a creative and fun way to give your bag a new look, but it’s important to choose a paint specifically designed for leather and follow the instructions carefully.
  3. Professional Restoration: If you’re not confidently restoring your leather bag, consider taking it to a professional leather restoration service. They have the expertise and equipment to handle more complex restoration projects and can help you get your bag looking like new again.

Reasons Why Leather Bags Fade

Over time, leather bags can fade due to various factors, such as exposure to sunlight, water and moisture, lack of maintenance, and using unsuitable products.

Additionally, if the leather of your bag is damaged, it can also result in fading.

It’s important to remember that not all types of leather fade at the same rate. Semi-aniline and aniline leathers, for example, may fade more quickly than leathers with topcoats, as they lack protective pigments.

If your leather bag is made of one of these types of leather, it may experience an accelerated rate of fading.

However, proper maintenance is key to avoiding premature fading regardless of the type of leather your bag is made of.

Protecting your bag from sunlight and moisture and using suitable cleaning and conditioning products,


How do I bring my old leather bag back to life?

You can bring your old leather bag back to life by cleaning and conditioning it with high-quality leather products and restoring its colour and shine with suitable leather polish.

Can you recolour a leather bag?

You can recolour a leather bag using leather dye or paint. However, it’s important to choose the right products and follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the leather.

How do you rehydrate leather bags?

You can rehydrate a leather bag by applying a leather conditioner, such as mink oil or beeswax, to the surface of the leather and gently massaging it with a soft cloth.

How do you get discolouration out of a bag?

The method to remove discolouration from a bag depends on the type and cause of discolouration. You can use a leather cleaner or mild soap, baking soda, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide to remove stains.


In conclusion, restoring a soft leather bag can be a relatively simple as long as you have the right tools and knowledge.

Following the steps outlined in this guide on “How To Restore A Faded Leather Bag,” you can bring new life to your beloved leather bag and extend its lifespan. 

Remember to clean properly, condition, and polish your bag and to use suitable products for the type of leather you have. 

Additionally, it’s important to take good care of your leather bag to prevent fading from occurring in the first place. Doing so ensures that your leather bag remains in great condition for years to come.

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